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Filming in Iceland.

Jeff has been a Producer and / or Production Manager on over 400 Television Commercials, Short Films, Music Videos and Documentaries in a career spanning 20 years.


He spent five years travelling overseas throughout Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Australia before returning to Canada to study.  While simultaneously embarking on a career in front of the camera, Jeff studied film history, theory and criticism at both the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.  


After years as a successful actor in Canadian TV productions like the Golden Globe nominated Covert Affairs, Primetime Emmy nominated Eureka, The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, FX’s critically acclaimed Man Seeking Woman and others, Jeff Pangman found himself drawn to producing.  

Having supervised filming throughout Europe, Iceland, South Africa, across North and South America, his work displays that he loves a challenge. He sees the potential for exceptionalism on each and every project, has an intimate knowledge of all the 'above'​ and 'below-the-line'​ elements and knows people who can offer the most cost efficient solutions for any scenario to ensure that production targets are met every time.  

Jeff lives in Toronto, Canada but holds a valid work visa for productions based in the USA.

Furthermore, in addition to his abilities on set, Jeff believes the quality of being “adaptable” has been a defining one for those of us weathering the impacts of COVID-19.  He has the ability to create all the right conditions for success even when working remotely.  He has created a workflow that promotes efficiency and effectiveness regardless of who the virtual participant is; director, agency, client or even himself.

Contact me at ''  

+1 416 910 8157

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